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drumming class

Making music can soothe and inspire. Enroll in group instruction classes with seasoned instructors. Learn music basics, including how to read notes, chords, scales. Aspiring singers can enroll in a voice course for choral practice. Occasional music appreciation lecture programs address music and composers from various historic periods and may offer an opportunity to attend a concert or performance.

Community Ensembles

MUC-309 Community Jazz Ensemble

MUC-311 Community Concert Band

MUC-310 Community Orchestra

Music Instruction

MUC-326 West African Drumming

MUC-330 Intro to Brazilian Capoeira

MUC-317 Music Made Easy (online)

MUC-331 Introduction to the Ukulele

MUC-313 Basic Guitar: Group Instruction

MUC-329 Beginning Group Piano

MUC-332 Middle Eastern Percussion

Voice Instruction

MUC-319 Sing Out Loud

MUC-323 Individual Voices Lessons

WOI-381 O, Say Can You Sing the National Anthem

Music Appreciation

MUC-328 Introduction to Becoming a DJ