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Why Wait till Fall?

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Summer is a great time to pick up an extra class or two at Anne Arundel Community College. You can explore new interests, accelerate your progress or stay on track for graduation. Many of our summertime offerings can satisfy other college and university course requirements.

If you're ready to start your journey, the first step depends on whether you intend to take classes as a credit or noncredit student. If you need more information, feel free to browse our offerings, ask questions or simply explore our vibrant college community.

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Get Started as a
Credit Student

At AACC, you're considered a credit student if you're pursuing a degree, credit certificate or simply taking courses for college credit. Credit students need to apply for admission.

Learn how to apply as a credit student.

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Get Started as a
Noncredit Student

If you’re interested in taking courses for personal enrichment, career development or for certifications that don’t involve college credit, you are a noncredit student. Noncredit students don’t need to apply for admission to AACC. Just choose your course, register and make your payment.

Learn how to register for noncredit courses.