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Give your child an early taste of higher education with a fun and educational experience through the Kids in College program. We offer year-round activities for all children. Kids in College classes are a great way for your child to explore a variety of interests from theater to science, athletics, computers and more.

Kids in College is Year-Round

Now Enrolling for Fall

Choose from a variety of interactive after school activities for children who have completed kindergarten through grade 12. Kids in College classes are held after school on weeknights and on weekends throughout the winter, spring and fall.

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Grades 1-2

Gifted and Talented

  • GTE-855 Robotics and Machines with Lego WeDo.

Grades 3-5

  • KDD-859 Making Light: Hypnotizers! (new).
  • GTE-857 Robots, Electricity and Circuit Board Basics.
  • KDD-860 Soldering Basics: Light Sculptures.

Gifted and Talented

Grades 4-6

  • YEP-835 It's Sew Easy!
  • KDD-853 It's Sew Easy: Stuffed Animals (new).
  • FAM-561 It's Sew Easy: You and Me Aprons (new).
  • KDD-854 It's Sew Easy: American Girl (new).

Grades 6-8

  • KDD-857 Kitchen Kapers: Dough Works (new).
  • KDD-855 Foodie: Turkey Day Treats (new).
  • KDD-856 Foodie: Holiday Cake Pops (new).

Grades 6-9

  • YOH-806 Academic Survival Skills.
  • KIC-800 Anime and Manga Workshop.

Grades 9-12

  • KIC-845 Comprehensive Math Preparation for the SAT.
  • KIC-844 Comprehensive English Preparation for the SAT.


Kindermusik classes are designed for infants to preschool age children as a way to enrich development and build a foundation for learning through singing, dancing, instruments and games. Enroll today and share the joy of music and movement with your child!

  • KDD-803 Kindermusik: Marvelous Me (new).
  • KDD-802 Kindermusik: Rhyme Around Town.

Gifted and Talented

EXPLORE courses are offered in partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) for students identified as gifted and talented. EXPLORE is an enrichment program to nurture students’ potential by stimulating thinking, improving reasoning, enhancing creativity and encouraging group interaction. It is recommended that you check with your child’s classroom teacher to determine if they are recommended for these courses.

To find out if your child qualifies, contact the your school guidance counselor and/or contact Betty Elder, Advanced Co-Curricular Program Assistant, Anne Arundel County Schools at 410-222-5430.

Summer Camps

Summer camp season is officially over. Check back in February for our Summer Camp Open House and be the first to know about new camps, when to register and more!

Camper Forms

Required Camp Forms

These forms are required by the State of Maryland. We are not permitted to allow any child to attend unless we have the state required paperwork. 




If your camper requires any prescription or over-the-counter medications you will need to provide a signed Administer Medication at Camp from the camper's health provider and schedule a meeting with the nurse at least two weeks prior to the start of your camper's session. The nurse can be reached at 410-777-2480.

Other Required forms for campers who need insulin or epi pens during the camp day.

Camper Accommodations

If your camper has a documented learning, physical, medical or emotional disability, please contact Disability Support Services (DSS) at 410-777-2306 to discuss your camper's needs and the type of accommodations that may be required. You must contact DSS at least 30 days prior to the start of camp to provide time to assess and implement an accommodation request. Inadequate notice may result in your child not being able to attend camp. AACC does not provide personal medical assistants, care attendants or aides of any other type. Parents are not permitted to attend camp with their child.


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