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The Center for Applied Technology-North (CAT-North) has selected Career Technology Education (CTE) programs whose curriculums align with an AACC course(s) that you can earn college credits toward a certificate or degree. Enrolled students can take an AACC proficiency assessment(s), administered by an AACC professor right there at CAT-North. Earn a C or better on your exam and it will become your grade for the college course. Check out these opportunities:

Career Technology Program AACC Credit Coursework
Academy of Health Professions “Medical Terminology” (MDA-113) 3 credits
Carpentry “Construction Technology 1” (ACH-121) 3 credits

“Graphic Communication 1: Composition & Delineation” (ACH-111) 3 credits

“Computer-Aided Drafting” (ENT-241) 3 credits

Environmental Resource Management “Environmental Science” (BIO-107) 4 credits
IT Networking Academy (Cisco)

“Networking 1” (CTS-130) 4 credits

“Networking 2” (CTS-131) 4 credits

“Networking 3” (CTS-230) 4 credits

“Networking 4” (CTS-231) 4 credits

“Theory & Troubleshooting Microcomputers 1” (CTS-103) 3 credits

“Theory & Troubleshooting Microcomputers 2” (CTS-203) 3 credits

Network Systems Administration

“Network Essentials” (CTS-110) 4 credits

“Theory & Troubleshooting Microcomputers” (CTS-103) 3 credits

“Theory & Troubleshooting Microcomputers 2” (CTS-203) 3 credits

IT Networking Academy students can earn from 13 credits to 15 credits that can be applied to a credit certificate in cyber technology, network security, or information assurance and cybersecurity!

Juniors register now for ECAP next fall

As you plan coursework for your senior year, consider getting a jump start on your college courses by knocking out a general education credit or perhaps exploring a course in your desired field. You’ll save 50 percent on tuition and get your feet wet on what college courses are like. Remember though, that your grade is part of your college transcript, so choose wisely and apply yourself!


Contact your high school counselor or our admissions team.

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