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Regional Curated Show: "Artists on the Other Side"

at 9:00AM to 4:00PM -

"Artists on the Other Side"
Paintings by Lydia Pettit & Brooks Kossover.

Curated by Amy Cavanaugh Royce, Executive Director Maryland Art Place in Baltimore

Artists on the Other Side includes the work of two Baltimore-based gallery founders, Lydia Pettit and Brooks Kossover. Both exhibitors have contributed greatly to the Baltimore DIY, and emerging artist scene, creating space in which local and regional artists can exhibit their work. Pettit & Kossover are skilled artists themselves; however their names have also become quite synonymous with their respective spaces.

Brooks’ 2017 paintings in this show are a departure from his large-scale, portraiture work. He has created lovely, muted, but colorful abstractions on linen. Pettit, who also created a portraiture series in 2015, continues this work centering on the self; Pettit being the model for her work as opposed to external figures and inspirations. This exhibition will include both recent, past works and Pettit’s 2017 pieces.

Platform Gallery, founded by Pettit, and Terrault Contemporary founded by Kossover, opened in 2014. Both galleries run robust exhibition schedules and are located in a newly established Arts & Entertainment District, The Bromo District. This west side area of Baltimore City has suffered years of neglect, living under the microscope of development and speculation. Pettit and Kossover’s galleries are important to the developing west side, and while the need for spaces like Platform and Terrault is evident, there is always a struggle to keep them operational. And, like many in creative industries, Pettit and Kossover also have the additional challenge of producing their own work simultaneous to the running their galleries. At present, Pettit is looking at graduate programs and Kossover has taken a step back from his involvement at Terrault so he can focus on painting.

*Terrault Contemporary is Directed by Carlyn Thomas & Platform Gallery is co-founded by Abigail Parish

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