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AACC can help you through life challenges through noncredit classes designed to zoom in on areas that you'd like to improve. From improving communication skills, assertiveness and strategies, learn how to make positive changes in your personal life.


GRW 355 - RV Living: Right for You (online)

GRW 345 - Mastering Public Speaking (online)

GRW 346 - Grammar Refresher for Work (online)

GRW 347 - Listen to Your Heart and Success Will Follow (online)

GRW 348 - Keys to Effective Communication (online)

GRW 349 - Interpersonal Communication (online)

GRW 350 - Individual Excellence (online)

GRW 352 - Get Assertive (online)

PRS 389 - Genealogy Basics (online)

PRS 390 - Speed Reading (Merrill Ream) (online)

SKL 346 - Skills for Making Great Decisions (online)

WNI 329 - Business Leadership for Women (online)


Lifelong Learning is happy to help.

Cindy Mikelonis


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