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Trying to contact one of our faculty or staff members? You may be able to find the person on our Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Staff directory pages. If you are not sure how to spell the person's name, simply type in a portion of the person's first or last name in the search field below.

If you still can't find who you're looking for, try contacting a department or office from our 'Contact Us' page.

Please note: All phone extensions begin with the prefix '410-777.'

To reach an adjunct faculty member whose phone contact is a 9XXX extension or 410-777-9XXX, please call 410-777-1400 and at the message prompt, enter the extension listed for the faculty member you are trying to reach (ex: 9XXX). At that time you will be transferred
to the faculty member's voicemail.

Gable, Erin, DCRSC 232C 2839
Gabriel-Tucci, JaniceFTM 2933
Gallagher, Elizabeth, OCRSC 314 2053
Gallagher, Susan, LRESM 132 2124
Gallagher, Thomas, MDRGN 200 1183
Gallen, Thomas, JCADE 332D 2920
Galloway, Amy, ELUDL 137A 1187
Gamble, Martha, EFLRS 202A 7077
Gardner, Eric S.
Garner, Mary H.CALT 121 2891
Garrett, BonnieSSVC 212 2503
Gavin, Joseph, A
Gavin, Michael, HLUDL 217A 2332
Gechter, DanielSUNB 112 2075
George, Timothy N.GBTC 500
Gilbert, JaniceHUM 215I 2286
Gilkey, ShannonFLRS 202 7048
Gladwin, Sonja RCCPT 320 2927
Godsey, Lynn DCRSC 252H 2149
Goforth, Joseph M.CADE 331 2628
Goldman, Christine, MCALT 264 2607
Goodarzi, Shirin MCRSC 252E 2148
Goodnow, Amanda, C 1182
Gottschalk, Duane, L
Grabowski, JohnSUNB 203 2231
Grace, Wanda LSUNB 112 2254
Grady, Frances, CJOHN 102 2171
Green, Brandon T.
Greene, Mary E.CRSC 131 2649
Greenhouse, Shelley, SDRGN 104
Greer, April, MCCPT 328 2040
Greer, Billie A.
Greer, Travis, J 2131
Gregory, Larry GCSB-135 2496
Griffin, ToyeAMIL 105E 2716
Gross, Curtis, WCRSC 116
Gumula, Susan, ELUDL 131B 1849
Gurtshaw, Amy, ELUDL 142 2341