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Trying to contact one of our faculty or staff members? You may be able to find the person on our Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Staff directory pages. If you are not sure how to spell the person's name, simply type in a portion of the person's first or last name in the search field below.

If you still can't find who you're looking for, try contacting a department or office from our 'Contact Us' page.

Please note: All phone extensions begin with the prefix '410-777.'

To reach an adjunct faculty member whose phone contact is a 9XXX extension or 410-777-9XXX, please call 410-777-1400 and at the message prompt, enter the extension listed for the faculty member you are trying to reach (ex: 9XXX). At that time you will be transferred
to the faculty member's voicemail.

Raichelson, Steven, R
Rainier, Jane, C
Ramsundar, Susan 2759
Randow, Charles
Raszewski, Dawn, E
Ray, Debra, A
Ray, Justin, E
Reaves, Earl, D
Rector, Paul, G
Redd, Nicholas
Redd, Teresa, M
Reed, John P.
Reed, Patricia
Reilly, Kathryn, M
Reiter, Mary
Rendulic, Daniel, W
Reno, Patricia
Resta, Peter
Rex-Williams, Ronald, R
Rexach, Zulma
Rhim, Marlene, B
Rhoden-Trader, Jacqueline, M
Rich, Jo Ann, M
Richardson, Joyce, S
Richardson, Saundra
Richardson, Shawn, P
Rick, Daniel, B
Riddle, Lesley, J
Riesmeyer, Daniel
Riley, Christopher 9484
Riley, Shannon, H
Riley, Sondra, J
Riner, Daniel
Rios, Ibrahim, I
Risha, Michael
Rivenburgh, Dennis, W 7392
Roberts, Carmen
Roberts, Kendra, C
Roberts, Linda, L
Roberts, Sedelle, Y
Robertson, Alysia, S
Robinson, Adam
Robinson, Michael, E
Rodgers, Clare Marie
Rodgers, Lisa, M
Rogers, Kathleen
Rollins, John, V
Romans, Christine, A
Roop, Robert, D
Rorison, Margaret, B
Rosacker, Amy, S
Rosado-Reyes, Claudette, M
Rose, Sylvia, H
Ross, Holly, W
Ross, Jeanne, O.CRSC 131 2395
Rothstein, Edward
Rountree, Tracia
Rubach, Kurt, S
Russell, Daniel, T
Russell, Jeffrey, D
Russo, Frank