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Trying to contact one of our faculty or staff members? You may be able to find the person on our Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Staff directory pages. If you are not sure how to spell the person's name, simply type in a portion of the person's first or last name in the search field below.

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Please note: All phone extensions begin with the prefix '410-777.'

To reach an adjunct faculty member whose phone contact is a 9XXX extension or 410-777-9XXX, please call 410-777-1400 and at the message prompt, enter the extension listed for the faculty member you are trying to reach (ex: 9XXX). At that time you will be transferred
to the faculty member's voicemail.

Mabry, Amber, L
MacAuley-Shoemaker, Donna, L
MacFarland, TalkeCRSC 131 2430
Mack, Raymond W.
Mainhart, Susan
Makell, Lionel, DGYM 113
Malchester, Michelle, M
Malcolmson, Cynthia, M
Mallick, Darlene 7329
Malone, Susan
Mamiaro, Randy
Man, Yi
Manoogian, Loretta
Manuel, Ralph
Marcus-Simmons, Cynthia, A
Marklin, Rebecca, A
Marks, Tina, M
Marshall, Nicole, D
Sean Martial
Martin, Caryn
Martin, Catherine, S
Martin, Craig, A
Martin, James, C
Martin, Jeffrey, F
Martin, Jocelyn
Marzoratti, Barbara, A
Masek, Catherine, A
Masters, Robert, V
Matott, Deborah, A
Matthews, Daniel, H
May, V. Eric W.
Maynard, Lori
Mazurek, Timothy, J
Mc Gowan, Kathleen
McBride, Abigail F.
McCarthy-Quiroz, Kathleen, M
McCauley, Amber, L
McClelland, Kelli
McCormick, Mary, P
McCoy, Kevin, J
McCray-James, Deanna
McElroy, Lori
McGarity, Priscilla, T
McGlew, Kathleen
McGrath, Kelly, M
McGuire, Catherine
McIlrath Dilts, Brenda, L
McKay, Gladney, S
McKenna, John, P
McKusky, Amy, J
McLeod, Brian, K
McLucas, Carol
Meade, Tanesha, R
Melton, Tawonna, T
Merrill, Jennifer, L
Mertz, Broc
Merwin, Deirdre, S
Messler, Katherine, E
Meyer, Kevin, T
Meyssami, Behrouz
Michaels, Jessica, T
Mikhlin, Alexandra
Miller, Arthur, F
Miller, Kathy
Miller, Kevin
Miller, Seth, H
Milligan, Timothy
Mills, Brian
Minor, Eleanor, T
Miserendino, Catherine
Mlynarski, Kenneth, W
Moebius, Nancie
Moen, Eric, J
Moesch, Richard, J
Moger, Susan
Montagnino, Jennifer, L
Montgomery, Deborah, J
Moonstarr, Nancy
Moore, Demetrius, J
Moore, Kenneth P.
Morgado, Michele, E
Morrison, Eddy
Morrison, Michael, J
Mosley, Danielle, M
Mowry, Janet
Muirhead, John
Mulford, William, C
Muller, Melissa
Mulvey, Louise, T
Mulvihill, Mary
Murphy, Kimberly
Murray, Pamela, F
Mushtaq, Alvina
Mutscheller, Kasha, D
Myers, Katelyn, E
Myers, Timothy, I